Apple Pencil Not Working?

You’re going to take a seat with your iPad and do some conceptualizing on your next splendid thought when the Apple Pencil begins misbehaving. There are a few conceivable causes behind your Apple Pencil not working. The following are a few investigating thoughts to recover that Apple Pencil in working request. Must visit norton setup product key install for more information.

Check the Battery

Is your Apple Pencil not charging? Could the battery on your Apple Pencil be dead? To confirm if your Pencil is charged, do the accompanying:

1. Check the Widgets see on your iPad for the battery status. You can discover gadgets in the Today View. To arrive, swipe directly from the Home screen, the Lock screen, or while you’re taking a gander at your Notifications.

2. You should see a Batteries gadget. If not, ensure you have your Pencil setup with Bluetooth.

3. In the event that the battery indicates 0%, at that point plug in, revive, and attempt once more.

Bluetooth is off

As referenced under the battery check, if your Apple Pencil doesn’t appear in the rundown of gadgets under the Battery gadget, or there isn’t a Battery gadget by any means, it’s in all likelihood the Bluetooth is killed. To check this, do the accompanying:

1. On your iPad, tap Settings.

2. Tap Bluetooth.

3. Tap the flip change to turn on Bluetooth.

4. In the event that you can’t get it to turn on, or you see the turning/stacking symbol, restart your iPad, at that point attempt once more.

5. That is it.

Bluetooth Not Paired

In the event that your Apple Pencil’s not matching, or your iPad has lost the blending, re-trying the Bluetooth matching procedure could resolve your Apple Pencil issues.

1. Guarantee the iPad is on, opened, and Bluetooth is empowered.

2. In the event that you see your Apple Pencil recorded, you may need to re-pair.

3. Tap the Apple Pencil, at that point select Forget This Device.

4. Uncap your Apple Pencil and attachment it into the lightning port of the iPad.

5. A Bluetooth Pairing Request discourse ought to show up. Tap Pair to start the matching procedure.

6. On the off chance that the exchange box from above does not show up, proceed with extra investigating.

Pencil Tip Is Worn

In the event that your Apple Pencil carries on sporadically or not in the slightest degree, the Pencil tip could be exhausted. Supplanting the tip is basic.

Unscrew the tip in a counter-clockwise heading until it falls off.

Supplant the new tip by screwing the tip clockwise until it feels safe in your Pencil.

The App Doesn’t Support Apple Pencil

Not all applications completely bolster the Pencil. To confirm your Apple Pencil is working, open up a known upheld application. The Notes application is a dependable and astounding decision to test your Pencil, and it ought to be on your home screen. In the event that it isn’t, you’ll have to download and reinstall it.

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